Young monks moved to Parping

Due to the earthquake our young monks moved from Katmandu to Parping for schooling and monastic activities. Here some photos of the 4pm puja that is performed by them on daily basis in Benchen monastery in Parping.


News & Photo by Tashi Oser

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Work in Progress to rebuild the Maitreya Shrine

Photos by Tashi Oser

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Fundraising Committee at Benchen monastery in Kathmandu

If you wish to contact the Benchen fundraising committee directly in Kathmandu you find the information here.

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Fundraising to rebuild the Maitreya Shrine Hall

Fundraising to rebuild the Maitreya Shrine Hall at Benchen monastery in Kathmandu


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Another earthquake

Today around 12:50 Nepal time there was again quite a big but not very long earthquake. There were two weaker but longer aftershocks.

After the shaking I went looking around the monastery. The outer wall besides the kitchen now protrudes further outside along the previous crack from the first earthquake.

Our gatekeeper is so traumatized that he was left speechless. As far as I know, all the monks around Swoyambhu and Parphing are very safe. Many of our monks are in remote areas to distribute tents, food, medicine, financial aid, and so on. I could not manage to contact them. As soon as I hear of them, I will let you know.

Edward Henning received a short message from Thomas Sherab Drime shortly after the earthquake today. He is very fine and could manage to retrieve all of his belongings except his Dorje from the rubble of his retreat hut that collapsed during the initial earthquake.

That’s all for now.
Tempa and Florian Tashi

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Benchen team aid another village at Batase, Ramgot

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ADARA development medical team and Benchen medical team at Pharping village

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