With a sponsorship of 35 € a month you can secure livelihood, education and health care of a student/monk at the Benchen monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. If you’re not able to donate this amount, any monthly amount or one time donation is of a great help. You can also share a sponsorship with your family or friends. Please think about it in your generosity!

If you don’t wish to sponsor a monk you are also welcome to make a donation(s) to support one of the following projects: Benchen Monastery, Benchen Primary School, Benchen University (Shedra), Benchen Free Clinic.

Please state at your bank transfer which project you wish to support and send the money to the following bank account in Germany:

Account name: Lotus Direkthilfe

Account no: 5104880

Commerzbank Köln

IBAN: DE74 3704 0044 0510 4880 00


Thank you for your generosity !

photo © Thea D. Boldt

About Lotus Direkthilfe e.V.

Lotus Direkthilfe is a non-profit charity trust supporting people in need within the Tibetan culture
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